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♥ Name Torie
♥ Age 15
♥ Location Hollywood, California & I hate it when people ask do you live next to a MOVIESTAR?!! no I don't ok.
♥ Nationality German, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Mongolian, and Mexican
♥ Favorite Bands (7) The Blood Brothers, The Desaparecidos, The Bled, Ben Davis, Fall Out Boy, Kill California, and my guilty pleasure are my pals in Sugarcult.
♥ Favorite Food Whole wheat pasta and sauce
♥ Favorite Book there's so many (I love to read), The Perks of Being a Wallflower
♥ Favorite Movies (7)
1. Edward Scissorhands
2. Almost Famous
3. Boondock Saints
4. SLC Punk
5. Amelie
6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
7. Fight Club
♥ Favorite TV shows (3) I don't really watch tv so I guess I would have to say Nip/Tuck, Law & Order, and Family Guy
♥ Favorite Outfit my vintage 501's with my old cut off black tee, my urban black jacket, giant blue pearls, and my good old chucks.
♥ Favorite Songs (5)wowza, this is hard.
1. The Blood Brothers- Marooned on Piano Island
2. The Bled- Your love in Homicide
3. The Desaparecidos- The Happiest Place on Earth
4. Sugarcult- Back to California
5. Fall Out Boy- Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
♥ What do you like most about you? I like the fact that I do what I like and wear what I like. I do not conform to "trendy" shit and I am honest. I am extremely open and outgoing so I get along with people well.
♥ What do you hate most about you? I hate the fact that I change my mind a lot and that I have trouble focusing unless it truly intrigues me. I hate the fact that I get shy around crushes too. But I think that is somewhat normal.
♥ Why should we accept you? you should except me because I am related to the Gambino Crime Family and if you don't, I'll have Vinnie and Joe knock you off and bury you in the Mohave Desert.
♥ Why do you think you are beautiful? I think I beautiful for being myself and having the balls to do some of the things I do. I have confidence and I also get alot of compliments about my eyes. I guess my personality makes me beautiful as cheesy as that sounds.
♥ Who do you idolize the most? I idolize the fashionistas that are Heatherette. They are a pair of ballsy motherfuckers and that is so cool.
♥ What is the one thing you could not live without? I could not live without my cd player and my eye makeup. I love my eye makeup alot. Well its part of my "style" haha, I just really like it.
♥ Views on:
--Inter-racial relationships- I am going to keep it simple and say this- Love has no borders at all race, age, sex. I mean its all the superficiality of society. Love has no definite form and it does not have a difference between every person.
--Same sex Marriage - READ ABOVE. I think that forbidding the same sex marriages in this country is stupid. Let people love who they want to. A person is a person and they are not defined by their sexuality.
--Abortion - I do not see abortion as birth control in any way. I think that a woman should have the right to choose whether or not she wants to bring a baby in this world. If I was in that situation, I would not have an abortion but all it really is a woman's own personal decisions and laws cannot change that.
--The war I go for the old saying,"Make Love not war". I mean I don't really follow politics that much but I think this war was an excuse to fight and gain power, I don't think it is right but again people think what they want to think and my little rant in this application won't change that.
♥ Promote us to one person and provide the link. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=__soshewakesup
♥ Provide us with a little ounce of your personality..NOW: Okay, I am going to post one of my poems because it shows my creative side. I really like to write and I would like to share it with you.

Just moved into a Duplex off Melrose.
I fucking hate you.
I just love his sex and my pack of cigarettes.
I have some money.
I have enough to get by.
Words from your mouth send chills up my spine.
Its a jammed rewind button in my past.
It brings me to a place where I was
soft and vunerable.
I hate that feeling.
I like the feeling of now.
I like my morals slung lower than your 501s.
I don't like your 3 mile radius so get the fuck out of mine.
Trotting into my life, 5 years gone by,
you have lost anything you ever had with me.
I left for a reason and you came here with a cause.
We are not like a puzzle.
Don't wet and shove the pieces til they fit.
Polar opposites will never work, so don't fucking try.
3 things that matter to you: Money, Words, and Attention.
Fuck that, its so overdone.
Trying to rip apart my world by coming back.
Its not happening now.
That day, 5 years ago, was your last chance.
I told you,
I just moved into a duplex off Melrose.
I fucking hate you.
I just love his sex and my pack of cigarettes.
So go back to your town and live your stepford life,
Because Darling, there ain't no way you are fitting into mine.

♥ 3 or more pictures of yourself one of your WHOLE face.

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