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Beauty is a Rare Disease

uhm first app for any rating community ever..
♥ Name Sebastian
♥ Age: 18
♥ Location:Oregon
♥ Nationality: uhm south america
♥ Favorite Bands (7): Bright eyes, menomena, rock n roll soldiers, misfits, irving, bikini kill, guttermouth
♥ Favorite Food: anything fast and makes me chubby
♥ Favorite Book: wheres waldo
♥ Favorite Movies (7): clockwork orange, ghost world, donnie darko, suberbia, this is my father, 6 degrees of seperation, debby does dallas
♥ Favorite TV shows (3): will and grace, early that 70's show, frasier
♥ Favorite Outfit: scrappy chuck taylors, 501's, shirt with a sweater that is just really to small for me
♥ Favorite Songs (5): mad mad world, i like to fuck, soldiers fortune, teenagers from mars, bang bang
♥ What do you like most about you? my humor
♥ What do you hate most about you? wrisits
♥ Why should we accept you? uhm im hugable..like a sad sad panda
♥ Why do you think you are beautiful? hello..looks like a panda?..duh
♥ Who do you idolize the most? connor oberst
♥ What is the one thing you could not live without? my heart
♥ Views on:
--Inter-racial relationships: go for it
--Same sex Marriage: go for it
--Abortion: pro choice
--The war: pointless
♥ Promote us to one person and provide the link.:http://www.livejournal.com/users/underxglass/16444.html?view=4156#t4156
♥ Provide us with a little ounce of your personality..NOW: me = fez from that 70's show...minus the cool accent..i enjoy random humor
♥ 3 or more pictures of yourself one of your WHOLE face:

im emo and shot myself

i get kunfuzed easily..
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