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♥ Name Dawn
♥ Age 14
♥ Location indiana-or in my world i call *sugartown*(dont ask)
♥ Nationality white american
♥ Favorite Bands (7)good charolette,simpleplan, atreyu, slipknot,disterbed,sugarcult,blink 182
♥ Favorite Food french fries
♥ Favorite Book harry potter numbers 3 and 5
♥ Favorite Movies (7) pirate of the carribean 1,harry potter 1,2,and now coming 3, slc punks, scooby doo 1 and 2,
scary movie 1 2 and 3 texas chainsaw and freddy movies

♥ Favorite TV shows (3)va la bam (rocks)
♥ Favorite Outfit my cargos and black tee shirt
♥ Favorite Songs (5) atreyu-aint love grand
♥ What do you like most about you?my hair i no in the pic you really cant see it but my bands are bluish green and i love them
♥ What do you hate most about you?my body its not that i think im fat cause i no im not i just wish i could be a little bit skinnyer
♥ Why should we accept you? because im a nice caring conciderit person *NOT* becaus ei think i
have some good taste and i really think i could do this comunity some good
♥ Why do you think you are beautiful?im not really sure everyone tells me i am i guess thats why
♥ Who do you idolize the most?my older sister i love her she's just my favorite person to be around she 16
♥ What is the one thing you could not live without?well duu my cd's and player
♥ Views on:
--Inter-racial relationships: theres really nothing wrong with it
--Same sex Marriage love is love and i dont think its wrong at all in fact i have a
friend who is bisexual and is going out with a girl (shes a girl 2) and even though shes going with the same
sex. and i give a fuck shes still my best friend
--Abortion:its really about choose i wouldnt ever do that but you never no they maybe cant
affored it and its really hard to let someone take it after you get to no it i no and its really sad i hate it
--The war: i dont like war its a evil thing but hten again everyone tells me if
i hate the u.s so much y dont i join up with iraq
♥ Promote us to one person and provide the link.
♥ Provide us with a little ounce of your personality..NOW:im a sweet caring fun
loving girl HA not i might seem innocent but if you think that
then you would never have a chance i hate life itsself (well most of the time)
im outgoing (ha just ask sara) and i am very tallented i like to be with my friends(my small group of freinds)
but i get alone with most anyone except for the preps oh and if you didnt notice im VERY
openminded on everything


♥ 3 or more pictures of yourself one of your WHOLE face.




if you want more i have more just these ones you can see my face better in

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