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beauty never dies or something. i don't know...i read the rules though. promise.

here be the application. eh...that was annoying. i'm not annoying. i don't actually speak like that. i'll shut up and let my real self flow in the application.

♥ Name: stephanie. don't call me STEFFI because it pisses me off.
♥ Age: quince
♥ Location: south florida. SoFla, if you will. or if you won't. i don't care.
♥ Nationality: my PSAT's asked for the same thing, and i bubbled in American Eskimo. gahah...no really, i'm as white as they come. except i don't eat Chicken Ala King. Jerry Springer says that's "white people food."
♥ Favorite Bands (7): WEEZER!, the new pornographers, northstar, franz ferdinand, hot hot heat, death cab, and...er...today, the velvet underground. i pick one "The" band as my favorite. you know, out of the: white stripes/von bondies/velvet underground/strokes/streets/shins/stills. ok, that was too much.
♥ Favorite Food: smores = life. sex on a graham cracker. grr...mamacita.
♥ Favorite Book: please don't kill the freshman
♥ Favorite Movies (7): YES! 7....fight club, the breakfast club (i like clubs), the royal tenenbaums, dead poets society, some like it hot, sadly enough i really enjoyed Mean Girls (insert snarky comment here), and Mask. that cher movie. hahah that's not really one of my favorites, but Cher rocks. not literally.
♥ Favorite TV shows (3): unfortunately i have tuned into the O.C. lately, and i'm in love. too bad the season's over. i also love crap reality shows like Big Brother (BB owns.), and wildboyz, because steve-o is a hot pocket.
♥ Favorite Outfit: my jeans, a checkered belt, and my ramones shirt.
♥ Favorite Songs (5): El scorcho: weezer, teenage dirtbag: wheatus, the way we get by: spoon, where is my mind: pixies, and dark of the matinee: franz ferdinand
♥ What do you like most about you? i like my "Chutzpa," as leya calls it. my courage. my balls. even though i'm a feeeemale. i can go up and lick someone's face without thinking anything of it. which you will either love or hate, i realize. see? i'm willing to put myself out there.
♥ What do you hate most about you? i'll be shallow and say my thighs. my thighs suck. you would think better from a person who surfs. oh no. not me. i've got "Thunder Thighs," as my ex boyfriend says. he is an asshole.
♥ Why should we accept you? because i'm a mafia leader/underage russian prostitute. so you're going to get chlamydia and then shot in the head 3 times if you DON'T accept me.
♥ Why do you think you are beautiful? honestly, as cheesy as it may be, my personality makes me beautiful. i like to make people laugh a lot, and have a lot of friends. i'm not a Friend Whore....but i consider a lot of people friends. the people who are brave enough to talk to me are rad.
♥ Who do you idolize the most? CHER! and that's not what teenagers call sarcasm these days. cher is the shiz. or shall i say...chiz.
♥ What is the one thing you could not live without? probably my left arm. i fucking love my left arm. and also my surfboard. hours of entertainment i get out of that fiberglass wondermachine. which isn't really a machine. it's just kind of a board. actually....it IS a board. bah.
♥ Views on:
--Inter-racial relationships: what a silly question. would anyone actually disagree with interracial relationships? actually, probably a lot of people. but i'm so damn accepting, it's hard to look at it the other way. how can you be intolerant of other races? we're all fucking humans.
--Same sex Marriage: again, my liberal views can't see the other side of this argument. Marriage is love. a terribly hackneyed phrase, but it's true.
--Abortion: pro-choice, yo. i have nothing else to say.
--The war: i'm DEFINITELY opposed. being a pacifist and all. war is ridiculous--killing doesn't solve anything. this fucking "war on terrorism." we're the fucking terrorists...going into that country and completely crushing it. we should have had a damn plan and at least some support before obliterating Iraq.
♥ Promote us to one person and provide the link.: xtornxpicturesx
♥ Provide us with a little ounce of your personality..NOW: what wait hey i'm not good at being put on the spot. well.....i just got up and did a tap dance in my computer room. and as i sit back down to type this, i wonder, "Hey....nobody saw that fine tap dance i did just now. because i did it in front of my monitor. wow i'm a dork." but my tap dance was REALLY good, i say.
♥ 3 or more pictures of yourself one of your WHOLE face. Hopa! my favorite part:

here is me and a lot of ficus. the bush, that is. yea that pink skirt was for my 80's Dance Party that i threw. it was off the heezy. fo sheezy.

even as a Wee one, i always had an attitude. and bangs. i've thinned up, though. and i do not, under any circumstances, wear bows in my hair.

 i'm not a lesbian, but i like to do provocative things to my friend amanda because she is so conservative. she doesn't know what to make of me sometimes.

and this is me licking icing off my arm. because i like to lick things, as i might have said before. tee hee.

alas, the picture of me licking the penis in my health book. i got in a bit of trouble for this....but it was just too funny. i could handle whatever consequences came my way. and i did.


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