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...Beauty Is A Disease...


♥ Name Michelle
♥ Age 15
♥ Location St. Albans WV
♥ Nationality Irish
♥ Favorite Bands (7) Thursday, Transition, Evergreen Terrace, Stretch Arm Strong, underOATH, Brand New, My Chemical Romance
♥ Favorite Food sushi
♥ Favorite Book catcher in the rye
♥ Favorite Movies (7) Romeo & Juliet, Night at the Roxbury, Akira, Shawshank Redemption, Vampire Hunter D, Blood the last Vampire, TheWall
♥ Favorite TV shows (3) ehh, I don't watch TV much, but I guess I have a few favorite shows. Logic, Rocko's Modern Life, Inyuasha
♥ Favorite Outfit Can't say I really have one.
♥ Favorite Songs (5) Demolition  Lovers - My Chemical Romance, A Message for Adrienne - underOATH, Invisible - Hotwire, Play Crack The Sky - Brand New and Jet Black New Year- Thursday
♥ What do you like most about you? I am spontaneous
♥ What do you hate most about you? I am too open minded. It gets me in trouble a lot.
♥ Why should we accept you? Why not..Just trying to help out a community
♥ Why do you think you are beautiful? I think I am beautiful inside and out. Even if I don't seem like it, I am a very compassionate person and I think my eyes are to die for.
♥ Who do you idolize the most? Even though I do kind of hate her a lot, I think I idolize Courtney Love because she just doesn't care what people think about her. She does what she wants and doesn't think twice about it.
♥ What is the one thing you could not live without? Music. Music is my life.
♥ Views on:
--Inter-racial relationships I think nothing of it really. Personally I wouldn't have one, but for the people who do, it is none of my business.
--Same sex Marriage I am all for it. I think love is love. There has been gay people for years now, there always will be, nothing we can do about it.
--Abortion I am pro-choice. I think if you are a victim of rape or incest, it should be your choice on weather or not you want to have that child. The more children we produce, the more children we have to feed, or live on the streets and so forth. If you KNOW you can't support a child then don't.
--The war I personally don't like at all. But if we absolutely need war, I will support it.
♥ Promote us to one person and provide the link. xtastethefloorx
♥ Provide us with a little ounce of your personality..NOW: Completely crazy....
♥ 3 or more pictures of yourself one of your WHOLE face.

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